mercredi 21 octobre 2009

EUR250 / 30ft² - Coworking multi-purpose Atelier

We are motion-designer & writer, living in a flat connected to our "multi-purpose" Atelier on ground floor named "Atelier Überall".
We've renovated the basement rooms and one of it is to be finished for november.
It is 30m², with two windows (see outdoor photo on the left pavement).
Winter heating is included in the rent.
Own entrance via the main Atelier from the street.
Shared toilets, Wifi, DSL possible.
It is located at Oppelnerstr. 12, linking the hotspot U1 Schlesischestor station and the Görlitzer Park, in Kreuzberg.
Close by good&cheap lunch-possibilities and the stimulating background of the neighbourhood and atelier which is organizing various kind of events (Writing workshops, documentary/ short movies screenings, live shows/perfs, installations/...)
There is also a small private bar in the atelier and a sound recording studio in the basement.
The room to be rent is already used by two theater companies for rehersals & performances/shows.

We look for any kind of artists, collectives, associations, theater company, teachers, ..., people having projects and needing such space.

The room would be very appropriate for computer workstations (graphic-design / video / 3d / animation / developpers / language learning / whatever... ).
and it can be adapted for some needs (for example if you need a room for shootings, you can paint the walls in desired color, with soft flooring it could be a Yoga room)
The room is not appropriate for a sleeping / hosting room.

We may adapt the use of this room to your proposition, feel free to ask for more information or for a visit.
Projects connected to some local or cultural activities are very welcome.

Julien & Ludovic
Atelier Überall.

lundi 28 septembre 2009

Writing Workshop : HOW TO BUILD A GOOD STORY

Universe, mankind, peoples, biographies, days, moments : from the largest to the smallest, everything has a story.
Cinema, video, TV, theater, novels, poems, lyrics, comics, photo-novels and more : we’re surrounded by stories.

But what is a story ? How does it work, deeply ? How to build and manage it ?

A writer for 15 years, having studied storytelling for the past 6 years, I'm offering to teach you in English the fundamentals of storytelling, in 4 sessions :

  • 1/ General intro : the story has a message, the story creates identity. Tool : the dramatic scheme.
  • 2/ The character. Properties, dynamics, functional needs. Tool : the system of the characters.
  • 3/ Close up : how to build the storyline. Sequences. Scenes. Tools for dramatic intensity improvment. Tools for information management within the story.
  • 4/ A complete method of work, from the first idea to the final result.
(With examples from Shakespeare, Radiohead, Monty Pythons, Babel, Buffalo 66, and others.)

After this class, you can join if you wish a Monitoring Workshop meant to advance your own artistic projects.

The price is 5€ per person per session.

Next sessions :

Monday, 5th October 2009, 18h-20h.
Tuesday, 6th October 2009, 18h-20h.
Wednesday, 7th October 2009, 18h-20h.
Thursday, 8th October 2009, 18h-20h.

Oppelnerstrasse 12 (U-Bahn : Schlesiches Tor)

PLEASE let me know if you’re interested by e-mailing

See you soon !

Ludovic Bablon